4 DJ’s to hire for your party or event

Want to hire a DJ for your party or event? Then it should be an experienced and professional DJ. Music is a deal breaker at your party. It can break or make your party or event. Entertainment company Evenses works together with professional DJ’s. Here you can book a DJ who plays the right music. We give you 4 ideas for hire a DJ.

Hire a Disco DJ

Our Disco DJ is the best choice for your disco party. The DJ will play real dance classics and soul songs that will ensure a swinging disco party. All your guests will shake their booty on the dance floor.

Hire an 80’s and 90’s DJ

Organising an 80’s or 90’s party? Our DJ will turn your party into a real drive-in-show. The DJ will play all the popular 80’s and 90’s dance hits. You will feel like a teenager again with the eighties and nineties songs from Madonna, Prince and George Michael.

Hire a lounge DJ

Want relaxing background music at your party or event? Than a Lounge DJ is the perfect choice. Music with a lounge sound is known for easy listening. The lounge DJ provides a pleasant atmosphere at your event and your guests will still be able to communicate.

Hire a house DJ

Fan of dance, trance or house music? Our house DJ plays all your favourite music styles at your party. It’s also possible to request requests.