Incredible outdoor and interior design by Tine K Home

Tine K Home is a Danish design and interior company that ships their products worldwide. They have representatives across all of Europe. Their online store boasts an Ikea-like catalogue of furniture designed specifically for both in- and outdoor use. 

Even though the company sells their products in-house, also operates as a wholesaler. If there is a store in your area selling branded furniture, you’ll find Tine K Home among their catalogue.

Available products primarily sells customly designed furniture made from various different types of materials like bamboo, accoya, rattan and doum. Besides lighting objects and various small interior decor items Tine K Home also sells a wide range of textile products. Bed linen and cushion covers are commonly sold in tandem with furniture. However to fully enjoy the rustic and chill vibe of’s furniture, you’re gonna need to get their amazingly comfy clothing products like bathrobes or wide shirts and/or dresses.

Bamboo alternatives

Tine K Home is most recognized for their bamboo furniture. The environmentally friendly material is extra durable and lasts longer than most other hardwoods. That also makes it considerably cheaper on a long-term base as it lasts just about three times as long as regular wooden furniture.