IPv4 space leasing

We offer trusted deals for IPv4 space leasing. For those who are looking to rent for a longer term, we can offer long-term contract of 12 months or more to give you stable prices.

Letter of Authorisation (LOA)

IPv4 space leasing

The LOA gives you permission to put your space up for lease. Despite being a common practice, it is possible to lease without it. Providing an LOA alone is not the best way to prove authorisation as it can easily be forged. RPKI is the most efficient method of preventing unauthorised announcements.

IP Geolocation

According to records, well-known databases take between two to eight weeks to update, after an RIR and/or announcement change. Some services will rely on the country the announcement comes from. Our services will help you with you avoid such problems and help you request an update after only a few weeks.


Prices will depend on the RIR a subnet has originated from, the contract type (long or midterm), and the health of the subnet (e.g. spaces which have been a place of spamming may be less expensive because of the cost of removing black-list records).