The Gift Of Travel With Flight Card

fly card

When you’re searching for the perfect gift it’s not so easy to know what to buy. The situation is made much more difficult when the sender and receiver of the gift are located far-apart. By gifting a flight card you are providing the lucky recipient with the freedom to decide where and when to fly.

How does it work?

You can decide on one of three ways to have your gift delivered. Choose to deliver your gift by email you can even include a short video message to add a real personal touch. There is the option to send by pdf to be printed out by the recipient. Finally, you can even choose to have your gift physically delivered in just a few days.

Featuring the world’s leading airlines

The lucky recipient of a flight card as a gift will be able to use the search engine to to access and search the flights provided by over 300 of the best airlines in the world. Departure airports are located within 70 countries around the globe. This allows world-wide access to a myriad of destinations. Even when circumstances dictate that a flight card gift cannot be used immediately there is no problem. The gift voucher retains its validity for two years and can be used to purchase a flight at anytime prior to it’s expiry date.

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