Used Industrial Generator Sets

Used industrial generator sets

Buying used industrial generator sets might be the biggest or most important purchase for your company. A generator set can be an invaluable asset for your business. It can power commercial machinery, facilitate day-to-day operations or keep the lights on. If you are working with limited finances, used generators are the ideal option. It’s the only way to get quality products without spending a fortune. But for everything to work effortlessly, you have to get everything right.

Used industrial generator sets

How to Get the Purchase Right

  1. Load Test

Load test is standard when you are buying used industrial generator sets. The best dealers or suppliers would have already performed the test before selling the pre-owned equipment. But you are free to ask for it to make sure you are getting the best machine for your business. The test determines the overall efficiency of power generation. You should pay attention to how well the industrial generator responds to different loads. How it responds will give you an indication of the state of the generator set and its well-being.

  1. Visual Inspection

You shouldn’t make a big purchase like used industrial sets without a physical inspection. You need to examine the mechanical components of the generator set for wear and tear or fatigue. It’s the only way to find out if there is corrosion built up or cracks. If you find any questionable parts, ensure they are replaced with quality spare parts, preferably those recommended by the manufacturer. You can also rely on recommendations from qualified technicians on which parts need to be replaced and how. Sometimes you will find the repairs are already done if you are working with a trusted dealer.

  1. Use a Reputable Dealer

Today anyone can put a used industrial generator set on sale in the streets or online. That’s why you have to be keen on where you are purchasing it from. Industrial generators are complex; the finely tuned pieces of equipment need to be properly tested and maintained by a qualified technician. Most of them come with a very substantial price tag, which is one more reason to be careful when purchasing one.


Buying used industrial generators need every bit of consideration. The equipment has to cater for all the power needs at your company or business. You should be able to avoid downtime even during an emergency power outage.