Buy personalized number plates

Personalized number plates have become quite popular and can be found on a number of vehicles these days. They have been a common site in the United States of America for a long time now and are known as vanity plates. If you are thinking of getting them for your vehicle and want to know more about them, read on.

What are personalised number plates?

The registration number of your car is a random sequence of letters and numbers that uniquely identify it and is issued by the government. Of course, you knew that. A personalized number plate however, is a special number that you choose yourself and it signifies something special to you. It can be a variant of your name, your date of birth, your significant other’s name, or the name of your favorite football team. Whatever word or phrase you want can be put on your personalized plates with a bit of adjustment and imagination.


Designing your personalised number plates

If you are new to this world of personalized number plates, you need to know the basics of using letters and numbers interchangeably. For example, on a number plate, 1 will represent I or l, 2 will generally be read as R, a 3 would be E, and 5 would be S.

There are many other such substitutions that you could use. They help in getting the number plates of your choice while adhering to the rules and regulations governing number plates. So, the word MODELS for example would be rendered as MOD 315 as this follows the number plate format set by the DVLA. You just need a bit of creativity to come up with a way to put your favorite word on your number plates. If you are in the USA, you might have had a bit more freedom as the format is a bit more flexible across the pond but with a little adjustment, you can do pretty well for yourself here as well.

More and more people are looking to stand apart from the crowd and as your car is one of the most personal things, it should reflect your uniqueness. Personalized number plates are a great way to do this. But hold on, don’t just buy that plate at any online store. Because it always has to be shipped from the store to your house, and almost at any store you have to pay shipping costs. The shippingcosts are high, and the shipping can take a long time.

So if you need your plate soon, for example the next day, you might have a problem. So just don’ buy at the first online store you’ll find, but search for a store with Free next day delivery. In this case you just pay the price for the plate, and not for shipping or next day delivery.