Compare CFD brokers

There are many ways to compare CFD brokers. If you want to compare CFD brokers, it’s important that you do this carefully. There are more than hundred CFD brokers, so this means it isn’t easy to choose a reliable broker. Comparing brokers is a good way to choose a suitable CFD broker.


Some points to take a look at

Want to compare CFD brokers? Then there are some points you can take a look at.

  • Commissions: lower is always better and commissions above 0.2 % per trade are too expensive. Some brokers don’t charge commission
  • Platforms and software: check the brokers trading platforms and software and how this compares with software and platforms from other brokers
  • Direct market access: it’s a favour if a CFD broker offers a direct market access
  • Support: compare the support and the helpdesks from CFD brokers. A reliable broker answers quickly and is reachable 24/5 by e-mail, telephone and a contact form
  • The regulation: Another important point is the regulation. In every country there is an organisation which regulates the financial services industries. A reliable CFD broker has one or more regulations. Brokers that has no regulations are mostly scam.

Use a specialized trading website

You can compare CFD brokers easily by using a specialized trading website. A trustable trading website only list brokers that operate in an officially regulated environment.