Dispensador de papel


This multi-block paper dispenser by Legro is very suitable for ripping and cutting paper for packaging or other uses. It is made for stores, packaging companies and small businesses. This system makes it very easy to cut or rip paper and to make sure that it will be the exact size you need. The dispenser is made to be able t hold several sorts of paper, so you will never need another machine! It is possible use both thinner and thicker paper, since the ripping edge of the machine is strong enough for both sizes.

Installing the dispensador de papel in a store

When you instal the dispensador de papel, you can easily attach it to a workbench, table or other system. That way you will make sure you can easily rip or cut the paper without having to hold or move their dispenser. Since the dispensador de papel can be easily installed and uses, it is safe to install it in any store or shop where people like to package their own presents. In those cases it is important to make sure that the system is high enough that kids will not be able to hurt themselves.