Starting a business in the Netherlands

Would you like starting a business in the Netherlands? Dike company can help you to opening your Dutch business within 5 workdays. You are able to open your company on distance. The Dike company has all the services you’ll need to open your company on distance. You don’t have to travel or live in the Netherlands, but are able to set up your company from wherever you like. They assist in; opening of your company, gaining a registered office in the Netherlands, opening a Dutch bank account, obtaining a VAT and EORI number. Also they offer different accountancy-  and secretary services.


The trusted high quality Dutch network

When assisting you, they can offer you a build up high quality network. For all kinds of companies they have suitable network contacts available to you. Besides that, we have a long time experience with trusted Dutch bank contacts, accountants, tax specialists and notaries.                                                                

For more information about all the services and how Dike is able to assist you, please get in touch by using the contact form on the website, send an email or contact the company by phone.