Steel deburring machine

In the metal industry, steel is one of the most reliable and toughest components available. However, also steel is subject to the usual amount of wear. Especially with precision cutting, burring or metallic burrs can be a great problem. The company called “Q-fin” is specialised in the finishing- and cutting machinery  branch and has developed a solution for the burring issues; the Steel deburring machine.

How you can take advantage of this machine

Quality Finishing

The deburring steel machine will sand and grind the worn edges of your equipment, removing sharp metal burrs and smoothing the surface. It also can extend and prolong the lifetime of your equipment. With this advantages there are no substantial breaks in your production processes anymore, so the speed and efficiency of your process will rise. This will save you a lot of time and money. So the steel deburring machine is – with only a little investment-  a cost-effective long term solution for every owner of a company in the metal industry. If you like to know more about the Q-fin deburring machine, or you have some questions, please contact the Q-fin team and they will help and advise you the way you prefer.